Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blog Famine: My Apologies

Let me start by saying I am so sorry for the famine that hit my blog. Our time back in the states has been wonderful and extremely busy. So maybe the best way to recap is a top ten list:

10. Seeing family & friends (obviously!)
9. Austin is so glad to be driving again
8. I'm glad to be cooking & baking again
7. American food-- aka bacon, burgers, ice cream, and basically anything unhealthy
6. Returning to our church, Traders Point
5. New Staff Orientation in Cali... we got to meet new friends AND see the Redwoods!

4. Missions Training in Colorado... we've been here one day and can already tell how impacting it will be on our spiritual lives. (pictures and more to come)

3. Visiting Birmingham

2. Spending holidays with family

1. Seeing family & friends... so wonderful we had to say it twice!! (and sorry no pics of the other side of the family OR the friends that we've been blessed to spend time with)