Friday, October 31, 2014

It's A Miracle... I Blogged!

Recently, Austin & I have had the joy of re-connecting with several former students, interns, and team leaders. It is such a gift that we get to become friends with people all over the world because of our role in Nicaragua. In the past few weeks, we've received texts, e-mails, phone calls, and facebook messages from these friends updating us on how God is continuing to move in them and using them now that they are back in the States. They are involved in sharing Jesus with the hurting and broken where they are! It is incredible to hear about!! We love it, and we love them!

This morning, I was reading in II Corinthians 10, and Paul is expressing something similar. His desire was "as your faith increases, our area of influence may be greatly enlarged." That, too, is our prayer. Since we've joined the ministry with S.I., Austin and I have been especially passionate that for those who come down, their faith would increase and the influence of Christ be enlarged as the go back to their homes.

And because no one likes to read a blog that doesn't have pictures, here are a few of the lovely face of those we've recently heard from: