Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trust Without Borders

Recently, I've had Hillsong United's Zion album on repeat (thanks Brianne!). The Lord has certainly used it to speak to me. Although my words were never quite as eloquent, the song "Oceans" seems to have captured the cry of my heart. Check out these few lines....

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand will be my guide.
My feet may fail when fear surrounds me.
You've never failed,
and You won't start now.

Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders.
Let me walk upon the waters, 
wherever You would call me.
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander,
that my faith would be made stronger 
in the Presence of my Savior.

That has been my cry since first encountering Jesus: "lead me where my trust is without borders." Let me tell ya... He answers that prayer! For me, it meant having to leave the comforts of the United States in order to truly trust Him. Often, the natural life circumstances while living in the States didn't require much dependency. Why do you need to walk on water when you can swim? Or you have a raft? Or it's shallow enough that you can reach the bottom? I didn't have to depend on the Lord because I could pretty much manage on my own. It isn't until I stepped into a place of uncertainty (where my feet could fail) that I could really understand how His grace abounds and that His sovereign hand will be my guide. Taking me deeper. Making my faith stronger. I know not everyone is called to live in a different country, but that's what it has taken for me. Many times I've heard "you have to step out of the boat to walk on water." While I'm usually irritated by such cliches, I can identify with this one. That step outside of the comforts into the unknown is always worth it when Jesus is the one calling you.  And guess what? He has never failed. And He won't start now.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home Tour

We have lived in our house now for over a year... maybe it's time I invite you in!

L: Front porch
R: View from the front door.

and a few living room details (thanks Austin & mom for building the coffee table from an old pallet!)

our dining table is behind our little sitting area. here is a picture of it... we fell in love when we saw this table in a dark, dusty workshop.

Just off the dining area is our 8 ft x 8 ft kitchen. When we moved in, the only storage in the entire house was the two brown cabinets you see under the sink in this picture.

The shelves (pictured right) are to the left of the stove. We had to build them in front of a door to get more storage and counter space. Thanks mom for building them!

The bedrooms & bathrooms are located on the opposite side of the house. Here a a few of the master bedroom and bathroom.


Hallway between rooms, and guest bath.

Like I mentioned, storage has been our biggest obstacle.... so brace yourself for this picture of our "walk-in" closet. (aka extra bedroom turned storage room)

Somehow, we have no pictures of our actual guest bedroom. Guess you'll just have to come see that room for yourself! :)