Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Big News

Well, Austin & I are back safely from our one week trip to the Dominican Republic. We're glad to be home, but didn't want to leave. Our time there confirmed our call to long-term missions.

We are officially going to Nicaragua to serve with Students International.

The week in the DR was my first time on a mission trip &  my first time in a 3rd world country. Austin was so glad to be back there and the radiance on his face never dimmed. He truly is created for missions. I got a small taste of what the social work site would/could look like, and I got a huge taste of investing in the students. This particular ministry does a great job of focusing on both the poor people in the community and the students who are visiting on short-term mission trips... It seems like a perfect fit for us.

A few of the baseball boys during devotions at the sports site with Austin.

Making casava with one of the women in the community.

Currently, Students International does not have a base in Nicaragua, but we will be on the seven-person team to launch it. We can tell that God is already at work in Nicaragua, and He is perfectly orchestrating a network of resources.  We have established a relationship with a local church, and we're excited to partner with them. A lot of the other details are unknown at this point, but it's clear that the Lord is simply inviting us to be a part of what He is already doing there.  We will be in Masaya, which is southeast of the capital city, Mangaua.

We are extremely aware of our need for support. Friends who believe in us, encourage us, pray for us. Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I thrive on relationships and fellowship. Although we'll be away, we don't want the distance to cause a barrier... rather, we want our friends and family to know they're on the journey with us.

To be frank, we were given an idea for our budget, and I felt sick. It seems so overwhelming at this point. We have to trust that when God calls, He equips. We are praising Him for providing.We are certain that it will be a faith-builder.

It's exciting to see how the Lord has given each of us experiences that will be perfect preparation for long-term missions. As we continue this journey, I will do my best to continue updating everyone.

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  1. Jill, I will be praying for you and Austin. I have tears in my eyes b/c I can see God working in and through you and it's so awesome to be serving with your spouse!